Blog – Party Planning for better good times (Nov 2019)

Here are my 7 best suggestions to having a better party no matter if its for work or family or friends.


1.Choose the right venue it’s an obvious one but if you choose something that’s too big for the amount of people you inviting you cannot create an atmosphere if it’s too small that’s not terrible if the weather’s good outside and people can spread about just make sure that there’s enough staff on hand at the bar for the amount of people you want at the party I would suggest if you’re inviting 70 people you book a venue for 50 because the chances of everyone turning up if it’s not a wedding or an extra special event is going to be quite slim


2. Whether to have a theme or not especially if it’s a Hawaiian theme in the middle of some hot weather but don’t over stretch yourself and don’t go for something that is hard for people to do if they got to go out and buy extra clothes or extra items are they going to bother is it going to put them off to go into the party great things to have our school discos because everyone’s got a white shirt and tiedefinitely you don’t want to be too niche if you say dress like someone from your favourite Sandi noir movie then are people really going to bother…

Time of year

3. Do you need a bar a club or an outdoor venue one of the things you need to think about is the weather current sports events are you going to once guest to be able to watch the motor racing all the crickets while they’re at your party if there’s a big event going on


4. The age range of guests can really change the way a party works don’t be afraid to write no children on the on the guest invites or possibly even have a separate room for children so the adults can enjoy a drink and some adult conversation if you do plan to have a mixed party with children does the DJ provide games for them to play and are the children in the age range of around 5 to 13 that might want to play games.


5. Don’t make too many requests to the DJ for music… no problem with having a theme of music for the night but if you employ an experienced DJ he should be able to gauge the room and with a little bit of advice about some general requests get people dancing if that’s what you want don’t forget also to tell the DJ if you don’t really want dance music of any sort “no disco no house music” let him know if you just want the music to be a background thing there just to feel that fill the gaps as the party builds don’t be afraid to tell the DJ the way you want the party to pan out
If you make loads of requests of songs that just you like then you’re not necessarily going to build the best party atmosphere

The Room

6. Decorating a room can be fun but if you’re also trying to arrange everything else within the party maybe you could ask the venue to decorate the room for you if it’s a wedding quite often nowadays colour themes are part of the decoration and most DJs with a good lighting set can set the lights to create a lighting theme.


7. Always let your guests know if there’s going to be food I have been at many parties where people start buying beer snacks only to be shocked to find that in the other room is a curry sausage rolls and a whole range of tasty food for them to eat but they didn’t know about. Put the information on the invites.

…and don’t forget (like frankie says) F’ing relax! there is nothing worst than a party where people don’t feel comfortable, especially when its the host!