How Big a sound system do I need? Part 1

So first we need to think about the event, venue and Guests…

  1. How many Guests?
  2. Venue, indoors, outdoors?
  3. Type of event (Party, Rave, Kids, Wedding etc)

Guests: Basically how many people are going to be there, if there are up to 200 people, a front facing standard DJ set up will be more than enough. If you are having 200-500 Guests then you will need a larger “all round” set up so the people at the back can hear the music.

Venue: Does the venue have a sound system we can connect to already? IS it made for music playing like a club or pub, or is it a large open space such as a hall or empty room. This can make a big difference things like echo or reverb can make the music sound awful if not planned correctly, also being outside the music can carry very far, can the place have music running well into the night without disturbing the neighbors

Event: If you are having a a kids party, a loud system might just put them off from dancing. With a Rave, BIG bass Bins and a great light show would be a must. You may want to think about if you want background music during the day part of your wedding. If you are having a Business conference then having very good clear Microphones is key.

All these things you should ask to the DJ/ Hire companies and use their expertise and ask as much as possible before the booking