Do I need a DJ?

No you don’t need a DJ nowadays everyone’s got access to music streaming services such as tidal and Amazon music and you can make a playlist of your favourite music and set it off at your party all you need is some speakers.

What does a DJ actually do?

So what’s the difference about having a DJ nowadays well we like to think we help the host first off by offloading one of the tasks if you’re arranging a party for your own birthday do you want to spend the night or days before sorting out music getting equipment together setting it up at the venue so we really like to take on as much of this task as we can to help you enjoy the party more as The host.

Want to enjoy your party?

We don’t just play a playlist we can play your favourite music if you let us know but we will watch the crowd and figure out what’s making their feet tap and what’s their singing along to and try and keep the momentum of the party lifting all the way through the night so at the end we have a crescendo of dancing and singing if that’s the sort of party you want

Not only that we come with years of experience professional equipment multiple backups so no matter what happens we can play the music and keep people entertained

What about Equipment?

You don’t have to have a full service package from us you can just rent us as a DJ and we will come along with our music or if you don’t want to DJ we can rent you the equipment you need such as speakers and disco lights so you can DIY the Disco yourself or like many people have now a days have a family member or a friend that is a competent DJ do those services for you

A vibrant mobile DJ setup is shown with a central blue-illuminated screen, flanked by two tall speaker stands draped in blue fabric. Each stand features a red light fixture emitting beams in various directions, creating a dynamic and electrifying party atmosphere.

Whatever service you choose to take from us we are professional we will be there we are insured and we can offer advice about how to structure the musical technical elements of your party.

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