What areas do you Cover as a Mobile DJ ?

Great question we as a business are based in Weston super mare in Somerset UK

I understand that you may have come from anywhere in the world looking at mobile DJ information….

We generally do 80% of our parties within the Somerset area so from western we cover a 50 mile radius from Cardiff to Taunton and Bristol

But we do parties much further away, unfortunately we do have to charge a little bit extra for travel time and fuel but we love getting outside our local area because everyone loves a change don’t they and we do get head hunted from time to time for big events where multiple DJs might be playing

Local or Worldwide?

The great thing about working local is you get friendly with the staff you get to know the venues and you can build a rapport and give advice to the party host about trying to choose a venue if they’re looking for a particular size or a particular extra service such as hot food being served during the party

And travelling outside our area has its advantages too we get to see different parts of the country meet new people experience what changes there are across the UK and it is like a little adventure for us as DJ’s that like anyone doing a job it’s good to have change every so often just to experience what else is going on.

Do you just do Private Parties?

As well as doing mobile DJing for private parties in corporate events we also cover bars and clubs for the regular DJs that’s need holidays or sickness cover

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