I can be my OWN DJ?

So what does be our own DJ Mean…

Basically we provide the Sound system, lights and Other equipment you need, you just need to plug a laptop or tablet device into the system and away you go…

Great for home parties, or if you are a budding DJ who want to host, you can also use the equipment to boost your own setup if you already have some gear

If you wanted to host a special event, lets say a Blues and soul night, you might have a few DJs with music who all want to play, thats no problem, just switch out the laptop or other device via the mixing desk.

With systems from 400 watts to 2000 watts we have a set up for most parties.

You can also use the systems we have for events like fates, school discos & business functions, if its for background music or full on pumping discos we can hire you the right gear.

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