Do I Need a DJ?

Having a LIVE DJ at an event or party can make a real difference to the atmosphere. At Weston Disco Live we have a range of options with and without a DJ, they are basically these options, LIVE DJ, Equipment Only or Auto playlist.


With a LIVE DJ they would take control of all the music and lighting needs for a party, as well as providing other services like games for kids, entertainment other than music such as Quizzing, being the master of ceremonies & keeping a plan to schedule for things like cutting cake, getting speeches started.

Equipment Only

If you are having a work get to together or a garden party and one of the attendees has a music collection of their own, then just hire the gear, an easy option if you just need background music, we would just set up the system and leave you to it, collection of the gear would normally be the next morning where possible. Really simple and a great way to bring a party alive if you are happy to do it yourself.

Auto Playlist

This is just a little extra over the equipment only option, with a preset playlist of music, provided either by us or by the party host, we set up all the gear and press play, great for background music at an event, conference or celebration where you do not plan to have to much dancing or such.

Just get in touch to find out the options Weston disco can provide