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Our business is here to serve any type of party, we have been doing so since 2015 as Weston Disco Hire.

BUT have 20 years experience of Parties, Clubs and Bar DJing. Playing disco and dance music (for anyone who would pay, or just buy a few drinks)

Moving through the years the idea of a DJ or Mobile DJ have changed, we started with Vinyl back in the 90s, mixing just 2 records back to back to create a continuous stream of music.

Digital DJing

In the 2000s CDs, Effects and Digital systems started to become the norm for most DJs making it possible to make live edits and mash ups of songs, really changing the game for a DJ to become more involved arc of music they were playing.

Today we mainly use Digital mixing desks and controllers, this allows us to carry more music than ever before and make special mixes or edits of songs before the event. (on average we spend 2 hours preparing for an party before we have even loaded the van)

Every party is Special

Weston Disco Hire aim to make every party special, we may ask lots of questions before you book but this is to just make sure we do the very best we can.

We can’t wait to meet you