dry hire

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So What is a Dry Hire Venue? When booking a venue, the term “Dry Hire” means that the client pays for the use of the venue space only, generally with food and beverage, furniture, staffing, audio-visual equipment, decorations and theming being organised externally by the client rather than the venue.

Just need the equipment for your event? No problem we rent out any type of lighting, music or effects for any venue, we deliver and setup the system, and take it all down we are fully insured for inside and outside events.

Summer Garden Parties 

If you are having a rave or a tea party some music in the back ground is almost always needed. We have systems to hire that can provide a party atmosphere, no matter what type of party.

Charity Events

If you are having a fate or fund raiser we can supply the PA system and music. If you are a registered CIC or Charity we offer a discount on our normal rates