Silent Disco – Party Hard (but Quiet)

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A Disco With No Music, What’s that all about?

We offer party planners a variety of options to suit any celebration. Silent Disco Headsets can be “dry hire service” or add it to a full package with DJ and entertainment, we have something to suit your needs. Our products can be hired individually, or as a package deal with DJs and/or entertainers.

So House parties, Outdoor events or even for people to are hard of hearing where boosting the local sounds and microphones for speeches etc, also great for corporate large meetings they can be used for so many functions

Silent Weddings

Silent Disco weddings are a cracking way to keep everyone entertained on your big day – Get in touch for more details about how it all works!

Our Headphones

Our headphones are of the highest quality and offer 3 different channels so that your guests can enjoy the choice of three different genres, when you have more than one DJ or music source.

House Party

Don’t what to annoy the neighbours, just use the silent disco system to minimize the noise, keep the street happy and not have ringing in your ears the next day, even have multiple DJs in the same room! Packages from £50 BOOK NOW

We use headsets from the SilentDiscoKing