Wedding DJ Advice

So you are getting married!

Well you have done the hardest thing already finding someone to spend your life with and I wish you all the best. What I am going to detail here is some really easy tips when you are having a disco DJ party for your day or evening reception. With these tip and guidelines I hope to help your day go smoothly and of course help the DJ get everything done you want on your special day.

First off, of course, is to find the right DJ. Things to thing about are will it be pop music or something special, most DJs will be able to provide a mix of music and evening entertainment, but if you are a fan of Drum’n’bass or Late Night Jazz, a DJ that is a specialist might suit you better. Having 2 or More DJs throughout the night might work for you, starting with a mix of music and later in the night getting more into the specialty.

OK, now you have thought about that, what does the DJ need to know?

The key information a DJ will need at a wedding is, if possible, a full timeline /schedule of start times, entry time for guests, names of the important people, timings for first dance, speeches and cutting the cake.

Other things to talk about with your DJ is if you are expecting background music for the day / meal if you will need to use Microphones for speeches.

Really giving your DJ as much information as possible will lead to be smoother operation.

Have  a Great Party!

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