Playlists OR Wishlists

Yes thanks to modern tech we can now take playlists and requests before a party even starts! Great. This can be a list via email, your customer booking portal on our website or by sharing a streaming platform playlist (tidal, Spotify apple music etc)

If you are thinking you just want a set playlist, do you need a DJ? You can save a lot of money by just using our DRY HIRE Services, renting all the gear you need (speakers / lights / smoke machines) and let the music play. With DRY HIRE, you just need a laptop or phone to plug in to your fav streaming service.

If you have a few songs you want to have played, a wish list if you will, but don’t have a whole 4-5 hours of music in mind then sending your DJ a mix of 20 to 40 songs should be enough for them to get the vibe you are going for and fill in the gaps using their experience and trying to make a party atmosphere.

Things to remember with most playlists if this is a birthday party, or wedding etc you want to pick mainly music that is going to get people moving, toe tappers for early evening, real danceable tracks for the main part of the night and some sing-a-long anthems to end the night on. There is no problem with having a few slow love songs, or your favourite power ballads that you can play air guitar along with. The main thing is to think about the mix of people there, and try and find a mix of music that fits the crowd.

What if you are stuck for ideas?

Don’t worry about it, that’s what you hire a DJ for, you can just tell the DJ “you love 90s Dance” or “anything but Ed Sheeran!” they can use their skills to play of mix of popular music, and of course during the event if you want to change it up, ask the DJ for some requests, we take requests both in person or via our special online form.

What if no one is dancing?

This can happen, I would estimate 1 in 20 parties we do, no one feels or wants to dance, that’s fine as well, post covid a lot of people have not seen each other for a while and want to have a drink and a catch-up, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad event, just things can be a little different now.

You might want to setup games or a Quiz to keep people entertained. Speak to the DJ before the event for the best options, but also if you want to do something spur of the moment on the night, speak to the DJ for some help.

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