Surprise! (Parties that is)

Its great fun to surprise someone with a birthday or welcome home party.

Here are my best tips to make sure it works (as long as you can keep a secret)

If you can pick a venue that the surprisee would often go to, a local pub that has a function or a restaurant, where you can have a meal then move to a closed off space to have a party

If you choose a hall or somewhere they do not normally go, most people will guess something is up.

If Weston super mare where I am based, places like OLEA (Waterloo Street) or maybe the Coach House Pub in Locking village would be a good idea, both serve food and drink but also have private functions rooms that can be hired

For the DJ service you hire, make sure you tell them the reason for the party and if it is a surprise or not, it will give the DJ a prompt to get ready before the start of the event, maybe to make the room dark, or if its a big party to make announcements to the crowd to ‘hide’ or be still.

And DONT FORGET to let everyone else before the event what time they need to be at the venue, before the main guest arrives of course!

Happy Partying!

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